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 Body ligth Caigua Cat�s claw  Cat�s claw+Shark cartilage  Graviola Hercampuri Maca Manayupa  Pasuchaca RSX

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Body light

Hercampuri + Algas marinas + Caigua + Garlic




Cyclanthera pedata

Camu camu

Myrciaria dubia

Cat�s claw

Uncaria tomentosa

Cat�s claw + Drago blood

Uncaria tomentosa + Croton lechleri

Cat�s claw + Shark cartilage

Uncaria tomentosa + Shark cartilage

Drago blood

Croton lechleri


Annona Muricata


Gentianella alborosea


Desmodium molliculum




Geranium dielsanium




Maca + Chuchuhuasi + Huanarpo + Clavohuasca + Iporuro


Smallanthus sonchifolius / Polymnia sonchifolia.



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Peruvian Handicrafts

The name has its origin in the Foundation of the Incas's Empire which is based the Titicaca Lake's Legend. This legend tell us about the two children of the god Sun: Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, who emerged from the water of the Titicaca Lake and, obeying the mission commissioned by The Sol( INTI), they headed for the nor-west of the Kolla's region, carrying a golden rod with them in order to try the land to fix their residence; place and dwelling that should be chosen where the golden rod will sink.
So then, fulfilling the bidding of his father the Sol, Manco Capac founded the Incas's Empire, in Machupichu, Cusco's province.

The work that you can appreciate comes from the ALLAHUASI that means "The house of the Women Chosen", a place where women not only receive support and capacitation also handicrafts courses in order to be able to generate earnings for their homes. This house belongs and is directed by the Congregation of San Jose's Sisters of the Sacred Heart. 

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    Body ligth Caigua Cat�s claw  Cat�s claw+Shark cartilage  Graviola Hercampuri Maca Manayupa  Pasuchaca RSX



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